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IT Infrastructure 


IT infrastructure we design and modify:


  • IT infrastructure consists of the equipment, systems, software, and services used in common across an organization, regardless of mission/program/project. IT Infrastructure also serves as the foundation upon which mission/program/project-specific systems and capabilities are built. ( - the website for the United States Chief Information Officers Council).

  • All of the components (Configuration Items) that are necessary to deliver IT Services to customers.

The IT Infrastructure consists of more than just hardware and software. (ITILv2).

  • All of the hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc., that are required to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control, or support IT services. The term IT Infrastructure includes all of the Information Technology but not the associated people, Processes and documentation. (ITILv3).

  • Information technology infrastructure underpins the distributed operational and administrative computing environment.

  • Hidden from the application-based world of end users, technology infrastructure encompasses the unseen realm of protocols, networks, and middleware that bind the computing enterprise together and facilitate efficient data flows. Yet information technology infrastructure involves more than just the mechanics of data systems; it also includes people providing support and services. (Technology Governance Board Definition of Information Technology Infrastructure).

  • Infrastructure is the shared and reliable services that provide the foundation for the enterprise IT portfolio. The implementation of an architecture includes the processors, software, databases, electronic links, and datacenters as well as the standards that ensure the components work together, the skills for managing the operation, etc.


Titan IT Infrastructure Model.










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