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Data Center Site Selection Services


1. Define Data Center Requirements

Titan Software documents the client’s space, power, security and location requirements to draft a DCRD (Data Center Requirement Document).

2. Qualify Data Center Providers

Titan Software pre-qualifies vendors based on your specific infrastructure needs.  We then reach out to all qualified data center providers in the client’s preferred geographical market to determine availability.

3. Develop and Distribute RFP

Titan Software distributes the finalized and client-approved RFP to all qualified data center providers. The RFP includes instructions on how and when to confirm participation, the final RFP due date and to whom the final draft will be sent.

4. Receive, Normalize and Compare RFP Responses

Co-location providers prepare quotes in various ways. Our principal partnership team understands the power and pricing details and standardizes each response for easier evaluation. TDS calculates costs per month and per year, considering recurring and non-recurring rent and power costs, as well as any other included charges. We also create a qualitative analysis document that examines other non-financial critical factors. These assessments allow you to see an overall image of each option and the long term affects.

5. Data Center Tours and Final Scoring

Titan Software and the client evaluate the costs and quality of each facility and decide on a small list of the best qualified data centers to tour. An on-site tour gives you a better understanding of the data center quality and allows our consultants to point out overlooked factors and ensure best practices are in place. The scorecards are weighted based on factors that are important to the client. The data centers’ scores will be an influential factor in the final decision making process.

6. Final Analysis and Recommendation

Titan Software puts together a final presentation for the client that includes the pricing and facility scores to give the client a comprehensive report of the available options. TDS presents a conclusion and recommendations for the next steps. The final resolution of course is left up to you, but with the comparison information and analyses, you can be sure it will be a well-informed decision.

7. Contract Negotiation

Once you have decided to move forward with a certain vendor, TDS remains available to assist with the negotiations. We are here to answer any questions or explain confusing contract language to ensure you fully understand the terms on which you settle.

Titan Software Inc 

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