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IT Management


  • Rapid prototypes defining and de-risking opportunities through rapid cycle software innovation and demonstration;

  • Product, PaaS or SaaS development  driving innovation, value and growth program execution;

  • Financials program expenses (forecast/actuals), travel, supplies, contract and full-time labor;

  • Resources hardware, software, IT infrastructure, supplies and tools;

  • Teams staffing, head-count, functional skill mix, expertise, training;

  • Rhythms agile & lean start-up rituals and artifacts;

  • Progress program velocity, burn-up, defect tracking & information dashboards;

  • Customer Engagement - engaging with senior business leaders, product owners and customers to understand market needs & vision; quickly translate market, business and technical needs into demonstrable software on a regular rhythm;

  • Lifecycle Support - work with senior business leaders and product owners to manage program definition, execution, launch and support; defining and executing against multi generation software technology plans;

  • Business Operations Alignment  working closely to ensure oversight and compliance rhythms

  • Cross Functional Alignment - working with Finance, HR, IT and other functions to achieve needed support

  • Staffing and Organization - strategy and tactical execution of team structure and resource assignments to align with program demands.

  • Leadership and Technical Development - Advancing technical and leadership expertise through coaching, mentoring, grooming and promotions.

  • Continuous Improvement - Driving increased efficiency across the teams, eliminating duplication, leveraging product and technology reuse; support process improvements which guide the development, sustaining & support activities

  • Deliver resource strategy and plans, including use of 3rd parties/partners, etc., for development and support activities

  • Communicate effectively both within immediate team and leadership. Ensure team receives consistent messages and has clear understanding of business direction, strategy and results.

Titan Software Inc 

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