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Migrate DB2 to MongoDB

Replace VTL With Cloud Storage, Replace Mainframe Tapes With Fully Compatible Object Storage On-Prem or in the Cloud. Read the data from DB2 and insert the same in MongoDB using Java threads ; Read the data from DB2 and convert to a BSON file using Java threads, store on disk and then use mongo import tool to load data into Mongodb. Which option is best to migrate the data from db2 to Mongodb (other than tools)? Please guide me here! Thanks!

Db2 to MongoDB Migration, This guide explains how to migrate from a relational database to MongoDB and the relevant technical considerations, such as differences between the relational​  To open SQL to MongoDB Migration in Studio 3T: Click on the SQL Migration button in the toolbar, or right-click into a server, database or collection in the Connection Tree and select the SQL Then select SQL → MongoDB Migration . This will open a new tab where you can configure and execute the

RDBMS to MongoDB Migration Guide, Migrate IBM DB2 Db to Mongo DB using Talend. Is it possible? Need advise and pointers. I am trying to migrate IBM DB2 tables from a schema,  Method 2: Install package from NPM global repository – npm i -g mysql-mongo-migrate Run the t ool directly from the command line – $> mysql-mongo-migrate

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